The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council has turned its attention toward an intricate online scam targeting the province’s used-car buyers.

Double Eagle Motors has attracted OMVIC’s scrutiny through a series of similar reports: online used-car shoppers dial a supposed Canadian phone number found with at alleged company’s website but reportedly reach an Arizona-based dealer whose inventory doesn’t include any of the suspiciously priced exotic autos listed.

That’s because Double Eagle Motors doesn’t exist. After securing a massive deposit that supposedly initiates the “sale” process, money such as the funds that Ottawa’s Daniel Nahon nearly plunked down for a fictitious $25,000-below-market Ferrari F430.

As has become standard in these reports, he was informed that the car wasn’t even in the country. It was in the United States, despite the number having a Montreal area code.  Fortunately, he balked at the e-mail-requested $42,500 and contacted authorities.

A few words of advice, then. Obviously, never buy a car currently residing outside Canada. Federal authorities won’t have any authority to assist you in getting your money back.

More generally, beware a selling price that’s conspicuously low compared with other listings for the same vehicle. Just as importantly, if you can’t see the car yourself before your very eyes, don’t spend a cent. If you do notice any of the above, contact OMVIC and/or local authorities immediately.


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