Toronto’s Top 7 Early 2014 Manufacturing Used-Car Incentives

Toronto auto-dealers can build excitement – and showroom traffic, we might add – to a fever pitch surrounding enticing buyer incentives. The buzz doesn’t always strictly surround new-model-year vehicles, either.

Some of the world’s best-known automakers have already kicked welcomed the 2014 calendar in style with some enticing pricing designed to move certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles starting this month.

Naturally, Toronto’s most promising bargains come from a few manufacturers that have staked their reputations consistently on economically priced reliability. Volkswagen, Subaru, Toyota and Mazda have all rolled out financing and interest-rate offers that make their already budget-priced CPO cars and trucks even more affordable. Shoppers just shouldn’t accept the impression that mid-priced automakers are the only ones offering some plum deals.

Higher-end brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover have also laid out financing assistance for qualified buyers that make already luxuriously satisfyin2008-Nissan-Sentra-999617-7-smg quality as close to “irresistible” as these prestigious names’ vehicles get. Though there are sure to be more sweet deals found in and around the Greater Toronto Area as 2014’s first model-year rollouts rise on the horizon, start your early shopping with these seven ideal limited-time manufacturer incentives.



Let’s start with an offer whose end the clock is rapidly ticking toward.

Used-car shoppers have just a few days left to cash in on Land Rover’s deals built to move an extensive range of CPO vehicles spanning from 2009 all the way up to 2014 model years. Qualified financing applicants can save on these premiere SUVs with world-renowned off-road handling with 0.9% financing for 24 months or 2.9% for 36-60 months.

This is also one of the most broadly applicable incentives, available for purchased Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover models, as well as LR2, LR3 and LR4 series SUVs.


A word to the wise: when these European maestros of automotive engineering float an offer that makes their elite wheels more affordable, always pause for at least a brief look.

The German manufacturer is apparently motivated to move an inventory of certified pre-owned 2010-2012 vehicles. Until the end of February, Mercedes-Benz is prepared to extend 1.99% financing to qualified buyers on select model classes:


For buyers somehow not enticed by those particular refined designs, Mercedes-Benz is also willing to offer two-month payment credits on CPO vehicles from their C, E and S-Class lines.


Mazda’s offers aren’t so clear-cut in availability, but check the catch-as-catch-can financing incentives out through available dealers.

Not only are most Mazda vehicles respectably dependable, they’re incredibly fun to drive, affordable and conservative in expending gas. Currently, many CPO Mazda makes & models are even more budget-friendly than usually, thanks to 36-month 0.9% financing.


Much like Mazda, Subaru has built a time-proven reputation upon affordably priced, reliable driving enjoyment. Differently from Mazda’s focus on economy to mid-sized vehicles, Subaru has emphasized making the quality of their all-wheel drive SUVs accessible to every budget.

Already reasonably priced, Subaru is apparently looking to move seven model years’ worth of CPO vehicles from 2008-2014. Qualified buyers looking to go off-road without veering off-budget should check into financing that could dip as low as 0.99% for the luckiest buyers until the Feb. 3 expiration.


Rounding out the selection of Japanese-import makes with attractive CPO offers, Toyota has laid out great long-term financing on a limited basis.

The brand is beloved for being not only a pleasure to drive, but a respected representative of Japanese automotive design hallmarks such as superb handling, industry-leading reliability and generous fuel efficiency. Select CPO vehicles from Toyota’s complete line of cars, SUVs and trucks qualify for up to 60 months with 1.9% financing.

This offer somehow makes a favorite name on the used-car market for its durability even more attractive.


Volkswagen has stood out from the import pack through the years by engineering sleek interiors for affordable, fuel-sipping diesel models. Already prized among used vehicles for their durable longevity, the German maker is offering up to 60 months of 0.9% financing on all 2013 model-year CPO vehicles or 1.79% on any other VW CPO until a Feb. 3 expiration date.


Finally, another regal German name in automobile luxury rounds out 2014’s earliest manufacturer deals.

BMW’s offers aren’t the most extensive as far as including a wide model-year range, but the 2011 line is still an attractive buy that’s often priced in excess of $28,000 – even among CPO vehicles. That selected model year’s used cars can currently be had for as little as 0.9% financing until the end of February.

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