Elongated warranties can be extravagant, that makes the cost of the car even more than originally beholded. And that cost will increase, depending on what is covered and the length of insurance. If you decide to buy one, don’t allow the dealer sell you the faulty one, so be ready and aware of your rights and needs when acquiring any extended warranty.
Check out if you even need an Extended Warranty?
1. The first step in this process is to choose whether you should buy an extended warranty and which is right for you. Most people dissipate money on extended warranties. On average, less than 3% of the money gathered by the seller for an extended warranty is to paid out in declarations.In fact, the dealer will make more money off the sale of an extended warranty than will be made from the sale of the car itself.

2. Appraise how acceptable it is that your car will break in the near future.  If the vehicle is new, if you take care to follow the maintenance schedule, and if you don’t abuse the vehicle, then it is unlikely that your vehicle will break in a time frame that would be covered in an extended warranty.

3. Read the contract carefully.
Be aware when extended warranties are not examined to be insurance. In the states where the plan is not the coverage, extended warranties fall under the same rules that other warranties do. Check with your local authorities for more information.
Action Plans :
There are actions that used car dealers might take to update their used car location as the economy starts to get over from collapse.
For car manufacturer:
1. Authorize finance programs for used vehicle gained through dealers.
2. Uphold used car opportunities.
3. Manage new car availability to ensure used used car retain the prices.
4. Ensure a balanced supply of used cars to smooth demand.
Warranties and Protection Plans available for all vehicles.
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